Types of Product Photography: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to capturing attention and driving sales, there are many different types of product photography that companies can use, from lifestyle photographs and blueprints to e-commerce photos and group photos. Each product requires a specific type of product photography to capture its best features. The best way to capture products is with some type of studio setup, where you can control lighting, contrasts and contours in a small environment, allowing certain aspects of the item to be highlighted. This is especially important since 22% of returns occur because the product looks different in real life.

It's often done with things like makeup, shoes, and other beauty products to compare tones and textures, etc. This means that the viewer can see a whole range of products from a new line or see the advantages and disadvantages of both if you group competing items. These photos look great on the home page of your website or on social networks like Pinterest, because they give an atmosphere to what you're doing instead of just details about your work. And good visual content is 40% more likely to be shared on social media. Product photography is a part of commercial photography that is used to capture your product in its best photographic representation for e-commerce.

According to a report, good product photography can increase the conversion rate by almost 30%.Product photography or e-commerce photography is a type of commercial photography in which product photographs are taken for websites, social networks and other platforms to boost sales and awareness. In addition, you can even check out this detailed guide on 24 composition techniques that will improve your photos. Customers can interact with this image and look at the product however they want. You can learn more about 360-degree product photography in our guide. This is a great way to give a product a 3D effect and a more realistic look.

The product is a commercial photograph in which products are captured from various sides to show them and increase sales and brand awareness. It mainly uses a plain background, studio lighting and a professional camera to capture all the details of the product. Product photography is commercial photography that includes capturing products from all sides and angles to allow e-commerce to display them on their websites. This makes it easier for customers to see the product visually. Commercial product photography can essentially be divided into four main types of shots.

These photos are: a herd photo, an environmental photo, a product in use and a hero photo. Now that we know what each type is called, let's look at the differences between each of these categories. I will also provide some visual references taken from my portfolio of product photographs to better illustrate my point of view. The most common of all product photographs is white background photography, where the product is represented cleanly and without distractions. It is also widely used in e-commerce and directories, although it is often combined with other types of product photography to present a concept. The only variation is the use (or suppression) of shade, which provides depth to the product. For example, if your product is a premium quality dog food with all-natural ingredients, an injection of the product in use could mean that a well-cared for dog eats that dog food.

An important aspect of macro photography is capturing the products up close and capturing the details. Whether it's ring photography, t-shirt photography, table photography, studio product photography and the list goes on for each and every product you can think of. In addition, if the product is too large, it remains still while the camera moves to capture the product. Quite simple to photograph, this type of product photo often appears in online stores and product catalogs. If you think it would be a big effort, you might want to consider going to the product location and doing your portable product photo session. It can be a makeup collection for women that can include multiple variations on the group's products or the same product that comes in variants.

They are configured, illuminated and organized just like a product photo in which a product appears, but there is no specific product in the image. Some products may only require the use of one hand to show the functionality of the product. It is mainly used in garment photography to make clothes look wrinkle-free and easy to compare with other products on the site. This means that whether you need clean, seamless photos of blank products to sell your products on e-commerce sites like Amazon, or if you need that next big hero photo for your next marketing or digital advertising campaign, Digital Art That Rocks has what you need. In general, normal size is one of the types of product photography that needs the least preparation compared to large size photography and macro photography. The idea is to transmit a certain type of lifestyle associated with the use of the product or to visually demonstrate the functionality of a product i. Large products can present some challenges depending on their size and weight, and the ultimate purpose of the product image. However, when the model takes it with her, she can get more information about the product instantly through your photographs.

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