Product Photography: A Genre of its Own

Product photography is one of the most lucrative photographic genres, but it often requires a good selection of equipment and a thorough knowledge of light. The most common of all product photographs is white background photography, where the product is represented cleanly and without distractions. It is also widely used in e-commerce and directories, although it is often combined with other types of product photography to present a concept. The only variation is the use (or suppression) of shade, which provides depth to the product. Landscape photography, one of the most popular types of photography in the last hundred years or more, consists of capturing the natural world that surrounds us in a way that makes the viewer feel as if they were there.

The process is simple, satisfying and therapeutic. Examples of landscape photography include skylines, oceans, lakes, mountains, waterfalls, deserts, and beaches. Although similar in many ways, landscapes differ from nature photographs in that they tend to be larger views that capture a much larger scene, while nature photography focuses more on the objects within that scene on a smaller scale, such as trees, flowers, birds, or other wild animals. The scope of nature photographs can be large or very small, and it generally emphasizes visual aesthetics through the use of shallow depth of field, creative composition, and other techniques. Nature photography can be divided into subgenres, such as wildlife photography, macro photography, bird photography, and more.

Street photography involves capturing people involved in their daily lives, or inanimate objects or buildings, sometimes (but not always) in a city or in a street environment. These captures are almost always sincere in nature and are usually accidental or fortuitous encounters. Street photography can be dynamic, voyeuristic and sometimes intimidating for the photographer. Sometimes there is interaction between the photographer and the subject, two people who presumably never met or spoke before. Taking real estate photographs is usually slower than other ways and allows more time to set up the necessary shots.

As in landscape photography, tripods are needed to stabilize shots that may be flirting with slower shutter speeds due to lighting conditions. Lenses capable of capturing wide angles are required since the interior of most properties limits the amount of space available and the photographer will have to capture a larger frame of the scene. Sports photography is an exciting and fast-paced subgenre that involves capturing competitive sports, games, and other activities usually for journalistic purposes. Sports photographers are often employed and paid by several media outlets that use the images in stories or articles sometimes as freelancers. Although it depends on the sport in question sports photography generally involves taking several frames in rapid succession to capture a specific moment. This means that a full-frame camera with a fast burst speed and a fast zoom lens is normally preferred.

Zoom lenses will allow the photographer to get closer to the action while maintaining distance and larger apertures will make it easier to separate the subject from the background. Both types of cameras offer features that include manual mode fast and accurate autofocus and video functions and removable lenses to suit diverse product photography needs. Once again this is a personal decision but generally speaking the best camera for product photography would be a single-lens digital reflex camera (DSLR) or a mirrorless digital reflex camera. More and more brands are choosing this style of photography because they end up associating their history and values with each of their products. However artificial studio lighting gives you a little more control compared to natural light in product photography. The most difficult product photography of all is when working with highly reflective objects or glass.

Small and medium-sized businesses are the main source of customers requesting product photography services. These are probably the most common light sources for product photography because of the quality of the light. Product photography falls within the genre of commercial photography and is a genre specialized in niche photography. The best tripod for product photography is one that takes into account the height of the table is made of a sturdy material and allows a top-down configuration. Even so this type of photography is usually followed by individual photos of the products so that the customer can see the product in the color that interests them most with greater precision. Presenting the product in a real environment contextualized with a lifestyle could be the best solution for some products. Product photography is a very important niche in photography and is currently essential for the promotion and dissemination of a brand.

Product photography is a type of commercial photography that involves taking professional photographs for use on e-commerce websites social media platforms and stores to help boost sales of the featured product.

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