Does amazon cloud drive still exist?

I was considering using Amazon solely for unlimited photo storage (with Amazon Prime), but the user interface of its desktop and phone apps is horrible to use. Amazon Drive offers two-factor authentication (if you choose to activate it in your Amazon account), but security isn't a strong point here. Extensive Amazon coverage from the tech giant's hometown, including e-commerce, AWS, Amazon Prime, Alexa, logistics, devices, and more. Amazon Drive, Amazon's consumer-focused storage service, will shut down for the next year, Amazon announced today.

Amazon says you'll have the opportunity to download files from your Amazon Drive between now and the closing date. Amazon sent emails Friday morning to Amazon Drive users notifying them that the company would shut down its cloud storage service on December 1.This means that Amazon Drive or, more specifically, people who work at Amazon could access your files. Amazon has also said that if you already have the Amazon Drive app installed, it will continue to work, but it will no longer be compatible with bug fixes or security updates. It seems that all the negative aspects of Amazon Drive are immediately eliminated when you install Odrive, a free sync client that interacts with Amazon Drive.

Amazon Drive (opens in a new tab) is a reminder that if you need an application or service, Amazon will try to meet that need: from purchases to smart speakers, from video streaming to e-books, it has everything covered. However, even Amazon Photos can't match Google and Apple's services, so we suggest that it's only for people who have already invested heavily in the Amazon ecosystem. As we said, Amazon Drive has some confusing aspects, including the fact that the software you download to your computer is called Amazon Photos, which suggests that it only deals with your photo library, but that, in fact, the tool protects any folder or file, regardless of its type. When you download the desktop application on MacOS, the application is downloaded as Amazon Photos, not as Amazon Drive.

Access to Amazon Drive has been one of the benefits of the Amazon Prime membership, with 5 GB of free storage included along with other perks. Amazon will continue to operate Amazon Photos, which offers Prime members free photo storage and up to 5 GB of storage for non-members. Photos and videos will be transferred to Amazon Photos automatically, but other types of files will need to be downloaded manually from the Amazon Drive web panel.

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