What is a product lifestyle shot?

Lifestyle photography shows your products being used artistically by your target market in their natural state. This e-commerce style of photography, also known as candid photos, helps online shoppers see your products used in a model's daily life. Lifestyle product photos mean content that tells a story. Stylized photos allow you to tell the story of your brand and your products more than a product on a white background.

Work with a photographer who understands your products and your business and who can create content around your products. I worked with several companies such as The New Primal, ZAGS and Eucalyptus to do just that. The lifestyle photos show the product in use. Using design accessories and backgrounds or locations for product photography that evoke a scene or mood helps you create images that communicate important information about your product.

Lifestyle photography can mean all kinds of things, but it usually involves adding some accessories to photos. Sometimes it can simply be showing a product in its natural environment, for example, a cup of coffee on a table, coffee inside, a cup of coffee in the background. Of course, you can create amazing product photos for iPhone, but I recommend that you invest in a professional camera for product photography, such as the Canon EOS Rebel T7. Don't underestimate local business sites, which focus on customers in your area and use their best lifestyle product photography techniques in e-commerce. Lifestyle photography requires less equipment than standard product photography, especially if you're going to use natural light.

Lifestyle photography works best when a person interacts with your products in the place where they would naturally be used. If the accessories you use to show size and scale are also adapted to your product and brand and connect with your target customers on an emotional level, the photos of your lifestyle products will be doubly effective. Handmade photography can be used beyond product lists, such as Etsy store banners or website header images. Make a detailed lifestyle photography plan for the product, you should define the scope of application of your images.

Another advantage of product collages is that you can use them to show products from multiple angles or in multiple scenarios in a single image. Filling the entire frame with the product will leave no space for text and the brand will have to cover part of the product to write something. When photographing a product's lifestyle, don't forget the rules of color psychology and complementary color photography. For normal product photography, you capture a drink in a bottle, but for lifestyle photography, I recommend taking photographs of beverages with glasses.

Speaking of product photography with models, first of all, you should identify the target audience of the brand.

Clyde Worcester
Clyde Worcester

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